The technology is changing and Norbit must follow. Thus it happens some important changes from the today. All torrents (movies / tv) must henceforth have to be in HD format. We have deleted everything that has been on Norbit in SD quality. Hereinafter allowed only HD!

These are changes that apply as of today:
* All torrents must Film or TV categories must have at least 720p resolution
* All current releases of poorer quality than HD is deleted.
* New name would be "Norbit HD"
* New domain will be registered and forums and user accounts will be moved over.

If you have comments or suggestions for the change to the new logo, you are welcome to discuss this in this thread

It's also just been daylight, and the clock must be set. You do this in your profile here. For those who are in Norway & vicinity, the new zone must be kept silent GMT +02 GMT. (Central European Summer Time)