Dear Members DS

in April and we already look forward to the holiday weekend.
would like to meet picnics during the third edition of the Project DS. New users of our site explains that the Project DS spending films, which have so far not seen the light of day in our country. Hence, it is quite a treat for lovers of the Tenth Muse. Previous Issue Project DS can be found in our search engine - just select the DS project. course, these issues would not have been if not for you - the main sponsors of the project. appeal to you for the third time of asking Support. How many movies will be shown on the page depends largely on you - because as you probably remember - all the films we have to buy. Our list is long and includes nearly 30 items - are hard to find on the net. They appear only on the DS and will only for you. movies cost is different - we assume that an average of one film will cost you about 100 PLN. Titles, as usual, did not betray as competitive. costs of individual films, of course, we will give a description of the insert. Open the panel grants the third edition of the Project DS . All collected funds will be used, as usual, only on the PDS. As usual, each payment is treated as the grant and are awarded bonuses: 1 PLN = 1 GB + BS 1000 points extra for paying 10 - 19 PLN star donor per month 20 - 29 pkn donor star at three months 30 - 49 PLN star donor for six months 50 - 69 PLN star donor for 6 months + call + PLN 70 star donor for 12 months + invitation