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    HD-Bits.ro : Invites giveaway

    Every user has received 100 invites.Please use them wisely, invite only people you trust here, you are fully responsible for them.Invites will be taken away as soon as we reach 30.000 registered users.After that, invites will be given only to V.I.P.+ classes.Also, if you have invited 100 good users, please pm a Sysop to checkout your invite tree and to reward you with a lifetime V.I.P. membership. Rules: Your invitees must have a good individual ratio and seed time for all snatched torrents, no hit and runs.If you invite 5 bad users you will receive a 56 days warning.If you invite 10 bad users, your account will be disabled.By bad users we mean regular hit and runners, low ratio users, cheaters, scammers, spammers, traders, flamers.Thanks for your help.

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    i Apply .Thanx!

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