We at FibreNetworks have developed our all new custom Seedbox Template which have multiple torrent clients built in all together. Our template includes ruTorrent, rtGui & Deluge all setup together so you could use any torrent client you wish at any time without having to re-install your VPS!

Here is a preview of our ruTorrent GUI:



We have also pre-setup other applications in the template, below are a few features to name:
-File Browser with HTTP downloading, file streaming, renamer, wGet to grab your files off sites like rapidhare etc

- BNC client also pre-built in for you use, from which you can stay connected to your favorite IRC channels all the time!

and if you dont want to use that give our Java Based built in IRC client a try where you can just login to your IRC channels directly from your VPS!

And that is not all we have also introduced new GBit plans along with almost doubling our HDD & other resource offerings on our Seedbox Plan! All our seedbox plans now come with a minimum of 2GB RAM! All off this and still keeping the same low prices we had earlier!! Go grab your VPS now & become a FibreNetworks client

To top it up we are further offering an additional 10% off on all our Quarterly Seedbox Plans (which are already discounted by 10%) saving you a total of 20%! Use Promo code: 10%qtrly

And offcourse we do custom plans too, shoot us an email: sales@fibrenetworks.org for any info/question!