Calling All Code Monkeys That Like to Eat Waffles

Hey there, Wafflers! Waffles is growing, and we're looking for talented designers and developers to help design and build the next generation of online music community. We're specifically looking for people to fill the following roles, but if you have your own talents you want to contribute, definitely let us know!

Why? Simple: our beloved site is nearly 5˝ years old (which is like 50 in people years), and we've become increasingly limited by our legacy codebase. We have a number of concepts that we want to implement, but because we've needed to maintain old and confusing code, all of our ambitious ideas have yet to come to fruition. It's mostly been talk & mockups, while we kept our actual focus on the site to having top quality in both content & community.

The time for talk is over - we are now implementing all of our ideas & totally rewriting the site from the ground up. We also need to clean up some current site issues in the meantime. The best part of it all is that we are committed to doing all new development 100% in the open, and in fact, it's already on Github!

We are looking for some expertise in a few areas:

Django Back-End Development

We are rewriting our current system with a new backend written primarily in Python and Django. Some technologies we are working with:

Python / Django
Memcached / Redis
Elasticsearch / Haystack

Javascript Front-End Development

With the revamped backend, we want to also get a nice, new coat of paint on the front of the site as well. We are looking for some talented UI/UX devs who love working with these technologies and paradigms:

HTML / CSS / JavaScript (of course)
Responsive design / Progressive enhancement
Ember.js - optional, but really cool if you've used it

UI Design

Join the Waffles team as a UI designer to put your creative stamp on one of the most popular private trackers in the world, and bring a modern look to our design. Ideally, you:

have a burning desire to design the best websites on the internet.
can tell the story of a product or service with crisp imagery and choice copywriting
have a strong sense of craftsmanship
love seeing the world through other peoples' eyes and building interfaces that fit their mental model
will provide leadership for the visual design across Waffles
can create both rough sketches and pixel-perfect mockups of your designs, and know when each is appropriate
think the bittorrent community could be so much more, and want to help take it there

Tracker Back-End Development

We are also looking to replace our aging PHP tracker with something a little more high-performance. We're looking for highly skilled C(++) coders for this initiative.

Systems Administration

Finally, we're looking to augment our current systems administration staff with some new folks. Here's our current tech stack:

Nginx proxying to php-fpm
And here's the stack we anticipate using for our rewrite:
Nginx proxying to Gunicorn
Postgresql / Elasticsearch
Memcached / Redis

Getting involved

Please contact us via the Staff Mailbox (any PM link there will do) and we will get back to you ASAP. You can also check out our current progress at

There is more day to dawn - a brave new Waffles is just over the horizon...