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    Cable? Who needs it when you got the internet.

    Maybe some of you guys already knew this, but if you do want to further your Media Center knowledge without downloading and taking space just use the Xbox.
    No literally, it may not be the actual 360 but the XBMC devs (Xbox Media Center) love to simplify you lives.

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    So check them out @

    What is it? It's basically the Xbox Media Center UI that lets you watch what you wanna watch on the fly, most of all it streams many of your loved websites like But whats so special?
    It's reositories, and <3 of laziness. Eliminating the hassle of navigating the hard way, with those nasty old pop-ups. Free ware is always good peeps! Just want to share the love.

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    Wiki instructions are pretty spot on with this bad boy media powerhouse. So check out their quick start guide @

    Pick up some Repos here:

    Wanna beef up Live television? get premo cable yo. Use Navi X @

    I still haven't managed to find all the channels yet since there are still boatloads being made by too many generous users. I do like Nat-Geo before i hit the hay.

    Have fun, if there are any questions feel free to ask I'm a longtime user and generous to info as well!

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    i actually like Real tv more than internet tv

    for real i don't call me an oldtime or something
    but i like the anticipation and the "oh fuck " thing when the ads comes on xD

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    i agree streaming + private tracker + usenet = better than tele. live sports is the only downside unfortunately watching over streams suffers quality and watching after a game is over is no fun

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    yeah, i agree too,
    but it require stable high speed connection
    minimum 3-4 MBps should work

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    Yes, internet tv is more interisting.

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    Channel Sky F1 on cable is way better than any download...

    1) It's live
    2) It has red button features
    3) Red button feature has multiple full screen live driver view and other awesome alternative live views

    Downloads are simply of the event only - boring and a deal breaker.

    This thread is the same old, lets get rid of the old abc for a new toy, and is a really bad way to do life. Instead of running after new shiny toy, keep all toys and play with them all to maximise your fun!

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