91HD.org all users:

91HD.org is by HDBOY and Denny, created in 2010, the site from
Since the start of the support with the help of a lot of high-definition enthusiasts, looking back to go
Over the past few years, very sadly with emotion.

We are a group of Geek, and hope that through their own website founded
Efforts to change the the HD sector highbrow status, we hope to
Users access to HD, HD want to become easier to use, but
The ideal and the reality is often difficult to unify, copyright, website operators and families
A combination of factors, we could not achieve the original aspirations.

This incident so that we stop and think about the future direction
Is currently limited to the preparatory stage, but please believe me that
we will back soon!

Once again, thank 91HD.org we made ​​during the entire operation
Outstanding contribution to the management team, including:
loud110, CoolMing, eason, remux, H264, devenhc, jianjdandd,
conanli0727, zywge, rafael, tom708090, logwang,
skyworth, ksak256180, checkli, lostlq, panxx,
KityLin, Xiaozhu, mice, lanpi, nightcat, eden