We now have an adoption center for you to spend your hard earned bonus points! To get to it just go to the Bonus Shop and scroll to the bottom.

Once you are there, for the time being, you will be able to adopt and save the following:

Save a ginger:

Save one from persecution one bonus point at a time!

Adopt a Smurf:

Put a little blue in your life! Adopt one today!

Adopt a Pig:

Oink Oink. An old homage!

We will be moving stuff around and making the IAC easier to get to in the coming days, and be adding more things for you to adopt so keep an eye out! We also would like some ideas as to what you would like to see there.

There will be a new "Adoptions" area in your profile as well that shows how generous you are. On the front page there is a tally board that shows what has been saved and how many too!

Think of this as a way to have a little fun. Enjoy!