Year end assessment is just around the corner. It will be carried out from 1st of May till 30st of June, 2013.

a) rules:

1) Target: members between
"Peasant" and "Crazy User"
class (both inclusive) whom registered before 1/1/2013.

2) Period: from 1/5/2013 12am till 30/6/2013 11:59pm (61 days).

3) Requirement: Users should increase the following figures accordingly during this period:

i) increase upload amount by 45GB
ii) increase download amount by 45GB (excluding promotional/free/discount torrent)
iii) increase bonus point by 3000 point.

* You should meet and maintain these three criteria till the end of assessment period.

4) Members not affected by this assessment:

i) donators
ii) "insane user" class and above
iii) members with 15TB upload (or more) OR 600k bonus (or more) before the assessment begins

5) To prevent members from failing the test due to excessive bonus point spent during the assessment period, the bonus point exchange system will be unavailable from 1st of May 12am till 15th of June 11:59pm. Only "10GB upload" (and below) button is available for use from 16th onwards till the end of assessment. The exchange system will resume its normal operation from 1st of July onwards.

6) You are wholly responsible for your own action and any consequences thereof.

Result of the assessment will be announced on 1st of July, 2013. Please refer to "announcement" board.

c) remarks:

1) You're required to go thru and fulfill the assessment's requirement if there's a "progress indicator" on the main page of the site.

2) Parked account is NOT exempted from the assessment. You're required to unpark and join the assessment if your user level / stat meets the criteria.

3) again, rule "a) 4) iii)" above refers to net increment during the assessment period.

On the 1st of May 2013, 12am, your amount of upload =600G,download=400G and bonus point=20000。
By 1st of July 2013 12am, you upload should be ≥645G,download ≥445G and bonus ≥23000。

d) CHDBits admin team reserves the right of final interpretation of all the rules of this assessment.