Easier Promotions:

Members with 300 gig downloaded and over a 1.2 ratio = 7,000
Members with 150 gig downloaded and over a 1.2 ratio = 10,500
Members with 50 gig downloaded and over a 1.2 ratio = 13,000

This means that the max amount of members above user class (so that could get promoted) was 7,000 which was fine with 20,000 members, but as we let in 20,000 new members in a couple of months ago then i feel its not enough for PU and above.

I have decided to change the criteria for the promotions

The New Classes are entirely based on ratio (again) but I got impatient and just wanted something done quickly, They are going to change to incorporate more of the site/achievements in the future, but for now as long as we have something going, that is all that matters.

There are no extra perks for each class, well apart from your own forum section, but they have always been dead even when we had them on before.

Demotion on hit and runs are exactly the same criteria as User, IE: you dont get any more or less leeway.

All ratios are GLOBAL ratio, NOT Actual.

All promotions are 1 month member.

In order, lowest first.

Power User:


50 gig downloaded, min 1.2 ratio.


Hit and runs, dropping below 1.1 ratio

Super Power User:


150gb Downloaded min 1.5 ratio


Hit and Runs, dropping below a 1.3 ratio.



500GB Downloaded, 2 ratio


Hit and Runs, below 1.8 ratio

Super Elite:


1TB downloaded, 2.5 ratio


Hit and Runs, below 2.3 ratio.


You all have class forums and you can mod them as well, just dont be silly with it.

PU can mod the PU forums
SPU the SPU/PU forums
Elite the Elite/SPU/PU forums
Super Elite the Super Elite/Elite/SPU/PU forums
Uploader the Uploader/Super Elite/Elite/SPU/PU forums
VIP the Uploader/Super Elite/Elite/SPU/PU forums

More To Follow:

PU=14 torrent slots
SPU=16 torrent slots
Elite=18 torrent slots
Super Elite=20 torrent slots
Uploader=25 torrent slots

Edit: I have removed all recycled torrents as well for the time being

Edit: I gave the new classes more referrals and the higher the class the more referrals you got...dont remember the number off hand but it was normally one more per class. So if PU gets 4, SPU gets 5 etc... Also added the ability for classes to be able to see the torrent stats of members of lower classes. So if you are an SPU you can view PU/User/KL torrent history and so on and so forth.

Edit: Elite + members now have a title option in their profile page. You will now be able to change your custom title at will on the tracker through your profile page, just as if you were to change your password. Cheers!

This explains the new criteria. It is still based on download but i am sure 50gig should not be too hard, all we ask is that you use the tracker, which is what upper classes should be doing anyway.

PS: I totally forgot that wait times were still on the tracker so i have just removed these.