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    Pedro's BT Music 20 May 2013 - Our 9th birthday!

    On 20 May we are going to celebrate our 9th birthday. To make this moment well memorable we are preparing a few things:

    Firstly, each and every one of us, the staff, will upload exactly 9 torrents which are special to us and/or are dearly missing from the tracker. You should see some special stuff, including both well known and rare artists, as well as some SACD iso images. It is also very likely we will set these special torrents free. If you want to show your appreciation for this place and follow our lead, upload 9 torrents or more on the birthday. We just may be very generous with freebie requests Also, don't forget we need your donations to keep this place online, for at least another 9 years.

    Secondly, every Senior User+ will receive 1 bonus invite. We reconsidered activity requirements a while ago and this will be a good moment to properly test these new settings. These bonus invites will expire after 9 days.

    Thirdly, we are going to have xbtmusic amnesty 2013 running for, yup, 9 days. Details re: this very soon.

    There you have it. Now start ripping those 9 special torrents and selling those beer cans piling up in your backyard for birthday donations!


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    20th May ???

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