We are 9 years old!
Dear users,

20 May - we are hereby officially 9 years old. The celebration commences now! Fancy birthday shit to be expected:

List Amnesty 2013 starts at midnight (GMT+1) (i.e. it's ON)
List You can expect 45 special torrents uploaded by the staff (freebies for 9 days)
List Most of you will get a 1 bonus invite which will expire in 9 days. Senior User+ was the initial plan but we just got crazy and are giving 1 to everybody (if you don't get one, your invites are blocked; no, they won't be enabled). Please pay special attention to Invitation policy clearly defined in the Site Rules. If your invitee seriously screws up, damage done may just reflect and hit you.
List Birthday special: Palinus is hereby promoted to Moderator. Congratulations!!!

Keep on commenting and wishing us Happy Birthday in the Birthday thread!