Underground Gamer and Bitgamer..

As we all know that UG is about to close if its not already .
I know it will
suck for most part because there loads of info on the site.. I am sorry to see it go but hey those guys had a great run and so did BG. I would like o offer all UG and BG member here a place . IF you have a screen shot of your user detail I will personal give you the same stats. If you are an uploader there or any kind of staffer just pm any of the names in red . We will talk to you and figure out where to put yeah. We have an IRC here . Over the next few weeks we will be changing loads of stuff for all you guys that join. There will be a full blown game section as in online for those that help keep the site alive. It is in the works as I am writing this post. I have been looking for a nice place to play online games and found a few servers. We will have a few different games to choice from. So tell your buddies and bring your gaming crew here .We will not just be about torrents we will be about GAMES.. The tracker will be different then the forums . I would like to keep them that way for legal purposes. Because if the tracker need to go I would like to keep the forum alive. So on this note there will be a new set of forums hosted here on a different server different DB and all. I have listen to all you UG members and BG member and I feel this will be the best thing. As if the BG forum was still alive it would be great to us now .. But its seems dead and gone SO dose UG as it was wiped clean.. So make this our final stop on the net for games and bring to life a new kind of look. Can be talked about here
/// Thanks Gamerz Lair Staff