We've had a pow wow in staff last week. Amongst all else, we decided to shape up the sticky thingy on TTi.

Need/good to know stuff:

Movie Of The Week, (called MOTW from now on), will be posted late afternoon/evening on Sundays, (GMT+1). There will be no post in News, nor will there be any mass-pm's sent, whenever we change the movie. Only two version of the same movie will be made available. The MOTW will be at least a DVD with Swedish subs as a minimum, (aiming for Nordic versions). If available, there will also be a 720p, (HD), version made sticky/free/silver as well. The 720p might not contain any subs at all. If no 720p is available but a 1080p is, the 1080p will be used instead. If there's a DVD, a 720p and a 1080p available, the DVD and the 720p will be used, (priority on subs). Xvid or any other format like it will ever be used.

Please note! As we have several, highly valued, custom uploaders, we will support them by adding their uploads as MOTW if possible. These uploads will be labeled as P2P (if scene is available, that release will get priority over P2P).

If you are a basic user, the P2P concept is of no concern to you. The quality is usually as good as a so called "Scene Release" (sometimes even better). All you need to do is seed what you download.