There have been several changes to the site recently that we would like to bring to your attention.

1. The top half of the edit profile page was getting rather unwieldy, so it has been broken up into four sections: site preferences, torrent options, community options, and notifications.

2. The "[List unread first]" button when viewing your inbox has been moved to the edit profile page under "community options". This also means that this option is now persistent, so you won't have to click that button every time you load your inbox.

3. For users of our torrent JSON API, the fields infoHash and reported are now available.

4. For our users with dyslexia, we have added an option to change the font across the entire site to OpenDyslexic, which is a Creative Commons-licensed font designed to mitigate the symptoms of dyslexia. If you suffer from dyslexia, I strongly encourage you to try this option. Note, however, that this is considered an experimental feature and will have some minor display issues on some stylesheets. We do not plan on fixing these display issues due to the complexity involved, so please do not report display bugs that are specific to the use of the OpenDyslexic font. However, we do welcome patches supplied by the community to address these display issues. If you would like to work on fixing these, please contact the developers, preferably by joining on IRC.

5. You are now able to preview paranoia by clicking the "[Preview paranoia]" button on the profile edit page.