This competition will be open to any user and it will begin June 2nd and run for four weeks, with the following categories for each week:

Week 1: Family/Comedy/Drama
Week 2: Action/Adventure/Western
Week 3: Sci-fi/Fantasy
Week 4: Horror/Gore/Thriller

Buy in is 2000 credits. You must enter 1 film into the competition for each week, to be marked [CSSS] The winner will be the person with the most total snatches of their uploads for the 4 week period, beginning at 00:01 GMT on Sunday, June 2nd and ending at 00:01 GMT on Sunday, June 30th.

Prizes are as follows:

1st Place 250GB Upload Credit
2nd Place 150GB Upload Credit
3rd Place 100GB Upload Credit

And the person who gets the most single snatches on a torrent without finishing top 3 will get 75GB of upload credit.

4th Place will get NOTHING (unless they win the one above)

Runner up prizes:

5th Place 20,000 Credits
6th Place 10,000 Credits
7th Place 5,000 Credits

So you have 5 weeks to decide if you're going to be in or out.