The staff team are pleased to announce that we will be giving free shit away every month, as a thank you to those committed members that we already see on a day to day basis, and also as an incentive to those we don't.

As with any offer of free goods there are a few conditions that you guys need to meet to be in with a chance of winning this and other free shit we may offer.

* There must be 100 members in the IRC channel at midnight EST on the last day of each month.

* There must be at least 25 radio listeners at midnight EST on the last day of each month.

* The Chosen member must have at least 30 active seeding torrents to be accepted as the monthly winner (if the winner that is selected at random is not seeding 30 torrents, another winner will be automatically selected by the site bot).

For more information visit the announcement forum. Anyone having trouble logging in to the forum to see the topic, please use the forum password sync fix by visiting the forum fix page. If you still can't get in to the forums after using the sync fix then please visit us in the IRC help channel.

Also the site invite key is still active so send it to people and they can win too!

TDS has gone through a few changes in the last 4 weeks and because of this I have to ask something we only ask when desperate; if anyone out there has a few dollars spare then we can keep this ratio free site going, please visit the donation page.