Rule Changes

Staff and DoTs have made a huge effort to update and restructure the site rules. Our goal was to make them more simple and concise, and less of a burden to read and understand. The new rules will take effect immediatly, so please read them at your earliest convenience! Feel free to discuss them in this thread, or send us a Staff PM with your concerns.

New User Class System

Part of the rules update is a new user class system. We are shifting the focus away from the number of torrents you have uploaded, and focusing more on the amount of data you have kept seeding. We feel this better reflects the contribution of the majority of users; not everyone is able to find and upload new content, but seeding what you snatch is easy and incredibly helpful to the community.

However, the site still needs uploads, and we have a special appreciation for users who upload frequently, especially those who consistently provide quality content and good release descriptions. To reward these users, we are introducing an Uploader class. Users in this class will receive all the perks of the Teh Producer class, and some extras to be announced later on. The requirements for this class are detailed in the article below; if you think you have what it takes, send us a Staff PM to apply!

We are also setting the minimum required ratio to 0.70 for all users. New users will start out with a 25 GB welcome gift. We hope this will make our ratio rules much simpler to understand and remember, and make it easier for newcomers to hit the ground running.

User Class Ratio Average Seeding Size

User 0.70 N/A
Member 0.80 10 GB
Teh Fanatic 1.00 50 GB
Teh Actor 1.20 100 GB
Teh Director 1.50 250 GB
Teh Producer 2.00 500 GB

Code Changes

Our development team has been hard at work; here is some of their recent progress.

- Seeding now counts as activity.
In order to emphasize that we appreciate everyone who seeds, we've changed our inactivity policy. If you've been seeding within the past two weeks, your account will not be pruned for inactivity.

- Ratio Watch has changed.
If your two week ratio watch period expires, you won't be disabled; you will simply lose your download privileges. This way you can still seek help and advice on the site, and the staff doesn't spend any extra time re-enabling you once you sort things out; reach the 0.70 ratio mark and your download privileges will be restored automatically.

- Three decimal place ratio.
In case you haven't already noticed, your ratio is now displayed with three decimal places, to prevent any confusion due to rounding.

- Seeding size is now visible on your profile page.
The total size of the torrents you're seeding (from each IP address) is now displayed on your profile. Check it out and post in the discussion thread if you think you have the most.

- You can now remove films from your Watch Queue on the landing page.
This was a highly requested feature. We have much more exciting plans for the Watch Queue in the near future, but this is a good start.

- Huge back end updates/changes.
Something that I'm sad we can't adequately describe is the changes made to the code that users don't interact with directly. This took the longest, and was arguably the most important; it makes future code updates easier. I'm giving a massive shout out to our developers for this work. You guys are the best.