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Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Dragon Boat Festival, heavy afternoon festival, festival days, Bath Festival, the solution dumplings festival, Doll Festival, side manners, Iris Festival, is a continuation of civilization in China two thousand years of the festival. People in different parts of the celebration of this festival of different ways: Sachet thorn Wudu, blue soup bath, point realgar, the race ... in such a day, also prepared some special Thanksgiving has long supported activities to accompany our friends, willing able to bring you more happiness!

1: Open and free registered two days Dragon Boat Festival
At 0:00 on June 11 to June 12 24:00

2: The station Free free two weeks
At 0:00 on June 11 to June 25 24:00


端午节又称端阳节、重午节、天中节、浴兰节、解粽节、女儿节、端礼节、菖蒲节,是一个在华夏文明延续了两千 多年的的节日。不同地方的人们对这一节日的庆祝方式也各有不同:佩香囊,刺五毒、兰汤浴、点雄黄、赛龙舟. ..在这样一个日子里,HD.gg也准备一些特别的活动来感恩回馈长期以来支持陪伴着我们的朋友,愿HD. gg能为您带去更多的快乐!