As promised we have some exciting news: PTP is proud to announce two new additions to our team. Both are long standing members who have devoted countless hours helping the community. Everyone please give a warm welcome to our newest Dev Fae and our newest AD Callahan!

PTP has really grown as a tracker throughout the years. From our early days we've blossomed into one of the most customized and feature rich trackers on the planet. We have an incredible archive of films, and an amazing vibrant community.

Looking through the implemented ideas forum reminds me of just quite how prolific our coders are. This is in large part thanks to the creative ideas of our users, and the tireless efforts of our developers. Similarly, the fact that our archive has grown to over 80,000 different films is a real testament to our userbase and to the staff who engage and support them along the way.

As we welcome Fae and Callahan to our team today we set our eyes to the days ahead. We've already accomplished some amazing things and it only gets better from here.