On your IPT userbar, you will now notice a link that says "HnR Warnings: 0". This is so you can keep track of how many Hit & Run Warnings you've had in total. The number does not signify how many torrents you've Hit & Run on. Keep in mind that once you've hit four (4) warnings, your account becomes at risk for demotion. Also, the counter links to the Hit and Run Questions & Answers, so if you have any questions regarding the system, please check there first. I'd like to take this time to thank our site coder for implementing these updates in a swiftly manner for the best IPT experience.

The HnR Warning counter is showing your entire history of warnings. If it says you have 1 warning, it means you've had one warning since the last time you've donated (if at all). These are not new warnings being added to your account. They are old ones that were always in the system. HnR Warnings do not expire. When you get them, they are on your account. So even if you got one last year, and you never got any after that, it will still show "1". Zapping all your HnR's does not remove these warnings. I hope this clears things up.