We have 4 TV Techs and 2 Mods handling Torrent Quality, as schedules don't match perfectly, and we have some unmanned hours. Upload amounts have stayed around the same from that last time, around 200-400 daily. You'll be mostly lurking in the shadows, telling people to read uploading rules time and time again, solve reports and guide users in uploading on forums / IRC. This isn't the most visible task on BTN, but crucial to keep everything nice and tidy.

I'm looking for people who fit this description:

• Nitpicker; you know that something is wrong just by glancing at it
• Polite
• Have lots of free time to commit
• Past torrent editing / general TV series knowledge is a plus (tvdb/tvrage/google/others)
• Active member for at least 4 months (forum, IRC, uploading / downloading)
• Able to be on IRC whenever you're on computer (school/work excluded)
• No affiliation with any invite/account trading/giving away/selling/buying forums
• Willing to commit to this long term (6+ months)

Tell us a bit about yourself in the application. Why would you want to do this? Applications are OPEN (will be closed June 26, 23:59 GMT). Send them only to TVTech_Applications, applications send to other staffers will be ignored.