We've just introduced a new feature to the site: the HnR Warning Counter. Some of you have noticed this feature and we're already receiving quite a negative response. Please read this carefully; first of all, the Hit and Run system has not been changed. This counter has always existed, its just been for staff accounts only, up until now. The only thing this counter does is show you how many Hit & Run warnings you've had for the lifespan of your account. The number it shows are not new warnings, they are old ones that you've gotten in the past and probably forgot about. The counter serves no other purpose, it is just there to let you know how many warnings you've had. As you know, if you hit four warnings, your account is at risk for demotion so this is there so you can easily see how many warnings you've had and to ensure that you don't go over 4. Once again, I'd like to make this clear; nothing has changed. If you all of a sudden see "HnR Warnings: 1" and you have no idea where you got that one warning, it was probably months ago, or even last year. Warnings don't expire. When you get one, its logged on your account. Donating resets this counter but as we said, donation is not required at any point for any IPT user. Just seed, and zap torrents as needed and you'll never need to donate or get warnings, we are just trying to make this clear.