To get an idea of the effect these recent rule changes have had on the site, we measured the aggregate size of all data seeded by our users before the changes, and we measured again just now. Before: 427 TB. Now: 552 TB. Safe to say, this was a step in the right direction. Big thanks to everyone for bearing with us! Even so, after taking some time to review the many complaints and compliments, we are happy to announce some adjustments to the user class requirements that we hope will provide a better balance.

Previously Uploaded Torrents

One of the main criticisms we received was that there was a lack of 'credit' given for torrents uploaded. If something you uploaded is still available to those who want to download it, your contribution lives on, and it should be rewarded. From now on, each torrent you've uploaded that is still seeded (by any member, not necessarily you), will add 50% of the site's average torrent size to your Average Seeding Size when calculating user class promotions and demotions. This currently works out to about 2.09 GB per upload.

A quick example:

Imagine your Average Seeding Size is 30 GB and you have uploaded 10 torrents that are still seeded. The promotion script will calculate: 30 + (10 * 2.09) = 50.9 GB and your class will be Fanatic.

Now, if one of those uploaded torrents is abandoned or deleted, the new total will be: 30 + (9 * 2.09) = 48.81 GB and your class will be Member.

Archivist Class

We have noticed that some of you are 24/7 party hard ballers, so we would like to introduce a new user class just for you. If you have an Average Seeding Size of more than 2 TB, you will now be known as an Archivist. The ratio requirement for this class is 1.50, and further perks will be added as they become available.

New DoT!

Thanks to the fresh uploading activity on site we've added a fresh face to our DoT team. The staff team would love for you to send him a story about the first time you got fresh with someone who appreciated it. Pictures are always a bonus.

Uploader Team

We're also excited to announce the first additions to our brand new Uploader class! These guys will be bringing fresh content and great speeds. We know you'll enjoy it.