MyA has been going through some major upgrades in the last few weeks and we would like to inform you of some of the most recent changes and how they work! Please bear with us as these changes are still under construction/testing and might need a few more tweaks.


The default size for forum posts has been increased from 8pt's to 10 pt's.


We have finally set the line on what books are allowed on MyAM. The rules have been updated so please check these ASAP. You will find the update under (please scroll down) Specific AUDIOBOOK and EBOOK TORRENT Category Guidelines. This will update regularly so for all uploaders please make sure you check back often.

In this same line of thought, we have implemented a "flag" system. We will be updating current torrents over the next few months (so please bear with us and our amazing torrent mods during this process) but all new uploads will have a flag set if there is:

= Crude language
= Violence
= Explicit Sex scenes, but still a plot
= Mostly Story, but has some explicit sex scenes

On top of that, you will be able to set which torrents you would like to see. You can set this by going to your profile settings and looking for the "Browse default hide flags". So if you don't want Explicit sex scenes you can turn those torrents off and they will never show!!


Anyone who has uploading rights now has the option of how visible their name is on uploads AND if they wish their uploads to be searchable. If you wish to check ALL a members uploads (and if they have set it in their profile options) click on the "view my uploads" link in the torrent you are viewing.

Alternatively you can find all their uploads by clicking on their profile (again if they have the option set). Please let us know of any comments or suggestions you have!!