I know we have just been open and we allow everyone apart from Kitty Litter to upload torrents, but some of the torrent descriptions have been terrible lately. I am not pointing the finger at everyone who has uploaded, but some are just the name of the torrent and nothing else in the description.

Yes, we do want the torrents on here but just a little bit extra would be nice, even if you copy and paste it from somewhere else.

You are also allowed to upload 2 pictures with your torrent, 1 is boxart the other ingame you can even link a video of ingame play if you like in the technical section.

We can disable individual members uploads, it is a last resort but if we do keep seeing 1 line descriptions with no actual description we may be forced to implement those measures.

The blog is looking dead so we could do with some more entries in there, if you are a member here you are a member there.