1 iOS 7 was revealed by Apple few days ago, while most of the users are too frightened with the new changes - devs seems to be digging the new OS for more.
There are more than just UI update in the new OS revealed by Apple at WWDC 2013. Here are the 10 hidden features of iOS 7, that you might wanna know.
1. Call Blocking
iPhone users has been waiting for this function since a very long time. Apple took a long time to implement something which is available in most of the phones out there. You will be able to block unwanted calls on your iOS 7 powered devices.

2. 60fps video capture
There is a very good news for users who are planning to buy the iPhone 5S. One who wants to shoot videos at a high frame rate will never be disappointed. Apart from major camera UI hawl and other performance stabilization, apple now purportedly shoots video at 60 frames per second.

3. Auto apps update
This is another bullet in the users wish-list for their iOS powered devices. Prior to the iOS 7 device, user has to update their apps manually with the tideos steps to be followed in the process. Now, you will be saved from all those tiresome jobs, because your phone will now update their apps by itself.

4. Microphone permission
It has always been a pain to allow your third party apps such as skype, viber, google hangouts etc., which needs your permission to use the microphone every time you want to use the app. Now, you can give permissions to each app in advance.

5. Unlock screen
Apple has finally decided to allow its users to unlock the iPhone from anywhere of the screen. Prior to iOS 7, you had to swipe from left to right at the bottom of the screen to unlock your device to be used.

6. AirDrop via bluetooth
On iOS 7 you will be able to share and transfer photos and files using Bluetooth via Air Drop.

7. Improved search in mail
Now you can search on all email accounts and inside all folders.

8. Maps bookmark sync
iCloud has offered bookmarks syncing with Safari since its inception, but iOS 7 marks the first time you’ll get sync for your Maps bookmarks, as well. So if you add your favorite sushi joint’s address to your iPhone, rest assured it should show up on your Mac and iPad, too.

9. Night mode for Maps
I am constantly adjusting my phone’s brightness when I use it as a nighttime navigator. As such, night mode for Maps sounds like it might be right up my alley; while Apple didn’t display exactly how it might be implemented, a brightness slider or black/white mode would be much appreciated.

10. Don't track:
Apple has implemented many new features to its default browser - most of which are derived from other popular browsers, like chrome and Mozilla. You can now tell cookies from advertisers or website to stop tracking you, a feature which has been implemented by Chrome, google and opera long time ago.