Recently, the staff has had to deal with a rash of theatrical releases being uploaded. We are currently discussing this issue as it has a broad impact on content already uploaded here.

Since TVV started there has been a rule in place that forbids the upload of content originally produced for the big screen. Over the years, some theatrical releases have been allowed on a case by case basis and some have just been uploaded and not caught. There are some who feel that the approval process has been a bit too liberal and some things have been allowed that should not have been. We are in the process of reviewing how to handle this situation.

The main point of this message is to reiterate that NO theatrical releases will be allowed going forward. Even if you ask in the Customs & Excise forum the answer will be no. Everyone needs to do their homework on anything they upload. If you upload a theatrical release it will be deleted and you will be given a warning. If you do it repeatedly you will lose your upload privileges.

More information will be given as decisions are made.