Invite Reminders & Words of Wisdom

Be sure to use your invites while you have them on QUALITY members! Remember you ARE responsible for ANYONE you invite, which means if they act in a way that is against the rules or general conduct expected on the site and get disabled, YOU will also be disabled.

Odds are (in most all situations) EVERYONE that you have invited will also be disabled. YOU are TRULY responsible for the people that you invite. If you invite a cheater, trader, or previously disabled member (on our site or elsewhere) then expect to see their account, your account, & everyone else's that you invited DISABLED!

This is due to appearing that you either do not know the people you're inviting well enough to be aware of cheating or previous disabling. In the event that they are a trader it appears that YOU are also a trader & the invite came from trading.

There will be no room for discussion or debate about this either!

We have already disabled MANY members (both new & well established who had made bad invites), & won't hesitate to disable you IF necessary!!

Also, if anyone is invited & signs up from a proxy/vpn/remote desktop/vnc/shell/ssh/tor/i2p/etc (ANYTHING that hides their true IP address) you both WILL be disabled because it could be a previously disabled member, or you trying to send yourself an invite so you have more than one account

IF you try to send yourself an invite, you WILL get caught, resulting in the accounts associated with it being disabled. We have multiple ways to catch these attempts.

Having said all that...we have also had many GREAT new members brought into the site by our members! Just like inviting a bad member reflects NEGATIVELY on you, inviting a high quality member reflects POSITIVELY on you.

So, if you've been looking for a way to contribute to the site invite some GOOD MEMBERS & get be sure to also involved in the forums at the very least!

Act quick, invites will be


before you realize!