Summer has officially hit at SHD, while many of us hide indoors to prevent melting. The air conditioner helps a lot, but so far, we can't find any books to read! So, from July 1st to August 31st there will be a contest to see who can upload the most ebooks! Oh yeah, I'm sure you want to know what prizes we have in store for the winners.


1st: 3,000,000 credits | 5 Invites | Custom Title | 1st Profile Badge
2nd: 2,000,000 credits | 3 Invites | Custom Title | 2nd Profile Badge
3rd: 1,000,000 credits | 2 Invites | Custom Title | 3rd Profile Badge
4th: 750,000 credits | 1 Invite
5th: 500,000 credits | 1 Invite
Other participants: 200,000 credits


- Any uploaded ebooks that follows the site rules will count
- The competition ends on August 31st (22:00 UTC)