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July 3 - July 8 date, love blue will HD.GG membership open green channel, all grades platoon leader and platoon leader in the above members receive invite a, there is a need members, please reply in the following post mail, management group will send e-mail within 24 hours.

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Note: The members meet grade requirements can only apply once, such as repeating submitted an application to disable HD.GG account directly. love with Blu-ray is a located in the Blu-ray disc sharing platform, all resources are the Blu-ray disc and require the original disc with Chinese subtitles, all of the original disc does not contain the word will be prohibited from publication.


7月3日-7月8日期间, 爱上蓝光 将为HD.GG 会员开放绿色通道,所有等级在排长及排长以上的会员,可获得23.net邀请一枚,有需要的会员,请在以下 帖子回复邮箱,23.net管理组将会在24小时内发送电子邮件。


注意:符合等级要求的会员只可申请一次,如重复提交申请,将直接禁用HD.GG的帐号。 爱上蓝光 是一个定位于蓝光原盘分享的平台,所有资源均为蓝光原盘,并要求原盘含有中文字幕,所有未含中字的原盘将会 禁止发布。