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Today at noon on a separate database and code optimization, as a transitional program will run for some time, mainly in order to optimize page access speed and stability, is the optimized page appears "ERROR 500" (commonly known as "flask ") the chance to investigate, please positive and truthful to vote so that we can be a real transition program for objective assessment. Thank you!


今天 中午对数据库和代码进行了分离优化,作为过渡方案将会运行一段时间,主要为了优化页面访问速度和稳定性,现 对优化后页面出现“ERROR 500"(俗称“烧瓶”)的几率进行调查,请大家积极、如实地进行投票,以便我们对过渡方案进行一个真实客 观地评估。谢谢合作!