The tracker issues are now resolved and what follows is a brief summary of the issues and what was done to remedy them.

- The tracker's network connection was being overloaded, causing users to receive "Connection Timeout" errors and stats to be miscounted

To remedy this, the tracker's network connection was upgraded, providing us 3x the bandwidth to work with. While waiting for the larger tunnel to be commissioned, we upgraded the tracker to Ocelot v0.6 to help solve some problems in the interim.

- As part of the tracker downtime/shakiness, there was a period where bonus points were awarded inconsistently

After much discussion, we have decided that because there is no way to tell who exactly mised out on bonus points and no specific set of users was given an advantage over others, we won't be awarding points for this retroactively. We're sorry about the inconvenience, but anything we do to try to remediate this would still be unfair to some.

- As part of the upgrade to Ocelot v0.6, some seed times were corrupted

Because restoring from backup was unfeasible, the corruption was reversed where possible; where it was not, seed times were set to an average of the user's other seed times, or the lifetime of the torrent if that too was not possible. We are aware that some users are unhappy with the loss of seed time; accordingly we have created a tool to allow staff to correct these discrepancies by hand. If your seed times are incorrect, please send a staff PM to get them fixed up.

- As part of the upgrade to Ocelot v0.6, uploaded/downloaded counts were not being updated properly

The bug has been corrected and all data has been corrected with no loss of data

If you're still having issues, please consult the following list:

- If you're unable to access the tracker, try restarting your client - the tracker's IP has changed and some clients (particularly rtorrent) don't like that.
- If you're not receiving bonus points, make sure that you don't have any H&Rs - you don't receive bonus points while you have even a single H&R.
- If your seed times are incorrect, send a staff PM with as much detail as you can (screenshots of your client are always good) and one of our moderators will fix them up for you.

Thanks for your patience through all of this.