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    [Music] Beathau5 (BH5)

    Tracker Name : Beathau5 (BH5)
    Tracker URL :: http://tracker.beathau5.com
    Type :: Music - Electronic
    Birthday :: April 20th, 2013


    Beathaus5 is very new electronic music tracker. The tracker has evolved out of the site of the same name. We are dedicated to offering the biggest and best selection of electronic music on the net! We are growing at an alarming rate with roughly 400 torrents being added on a daily basis. We have high quality standards and some unique content that other trackers do not carry. Expect to see more from this tracker soon.

    Site Stats

    Maximum users: 5,000
    Enabled users: 1,903
    Users active today: 298 (15.66%)
    Users active this week: 714 (37.52%)
    Users active this month: 1,168 (61.38%)
    Torrents: 17,493
    Releases: 11,852
    Artists: 33,077
    "Perfect" FLACs: 6,784
    Requests: 84 (69.05% filled)
    Snatches: 163,650
    Peers: 43,943
    Seeders: 41,728
    Leechers: 215
    Seeder/Leecher ratio: 194.08


    We track a large variety of electronic music not just variants of house. We aim to have as much electronic content on the site as possible. Torrents are getting added very quickly, so now is the time to join!

    Discogs / Beatport / Grooveshark / Youtube support on all torrents description pages so you can find info about releases very quickly.

    Deep integration with the YADG script, which makes all of our torrent descriptions consistent and of high quality.

    Lots of features coming soon to BH5 which will make finding, listening to, and appreciation the Electronic Genre of Music a much easier and enjoyable task.


    One of the most notable features of BH5 is the 12-Hour Freeleech that is applied to all new uploads. This feature makes maintaining a healthy ratio extremely easy while also giving users easy access to the hot new uploads that are added to the site.

    There is now a fantastic bonus points system installed. In the very near future we will have a bonus point store that is filled with tons of great features for users to be able to purchase.

    In addition to these features, we now have a full fledged user class system that is unique to Beathau5. With 8 different user classes and several secondary classes, there is a ton of room for users to move up the chain and gain access to cool and unique features on the site.

    At Beathau5, we pride ourselves on the quality of torrents and organization of the content we track. One of the ways this is clear is our extensive collage feature. We have a dedicated set of users who create and maintain several collages for the various main genres of music we track, in addition to the various record labels. Each of these collages is sorted in the gone through individually and is kept up-to-date with the latest releases.

    Another way that shows our dedication to quality is our Better.php page. On this page can be found all the torrents that are in need of edits or are missing data, as well as releases that need more formats in order to be considered 'complete'.

    It's through these features that we continue to strive towards our goal of being the best website on the net for Electronic Music.

    Requirements For Joining

    [*] You are reading this topic
    [*] You have never had an account at BH5 before

    If you are interested in joining BH5, all you need to do is send me, a PM with the subject line: BH5 -
    your@email.com . Please try and use gmail, we have had issues with other email providers in the past.


    Main Page


    Official Tags

    Browse Torrents

    Release Group Page




    Top 10 Torrents

    Top 10 Tags



    Golden Rules

    Chat Rules

    Client Rules

    User Classes

    Bonus Guidelines

    Collage Guidelines

    Ratio Guidelines

    Request Guidelines

    Seeding Guidelines

    Tagging Guidelines

    Upload Guidelines

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