Here at PTN we sadly have a lot of dead torrents that we would love to resurrect So to fix this we are going to need your help, for each torrent you bring back to life you will receive the following gold for doing this;

OST - MP4 -> 250
DVDRip - BDRip - BRRip -> 500
DVDR -> 750
720p -> 1500
1080p -> 2500

Please refer to the Torrent Resurrection Competition thread on the forum for more information.

Also we will be running a snatching competition which will be in two parts, you will receive gold for downloading a newly resurrected torrent and also for a normal torrent which was not a resurrected one.

- The resurrection snatch will last indefinite till staff say otherwise
- The normal snatch will last for 1 month but maybe extended we will see :-)

Gold for the torrents that are resurrected in the other competition:

OST - MP4 -> 100
DVDRip - BDRip - BRRip -> 200
DVDR -> 400
720p -> 700
1080p -> 1500

Gold for normal torrents:

OST - MP4 -> 50
DVDRip - BDRip - BRRip -> 100
DVDR -> 250
720p -> 500
1080p -> 700

The most active leecher, at the end of every month, receives Corsair status for one month and one invite.

Please refer to the Torrent Snatching Competition thread on the forum for more information.

Good luck to everyone taking part.