The Seed Point system (SP) has been activated again. From this moment forward, all torrents who meet the requirements will gain SP. Previously the SP would update once every 15 minutes, granting users 0.25 SP per torrent on two torrents per time (ten torrent per time for donors). This has been changed to granting users 1 SP per hour, still on two torrents per time and ten for donors. Torrents who gained a few SP before the SP went offline can still be fractioned. Once these are completed, all the new torrents in your list should only have whole numbers mentioned under SP.

People who have stopped their torrents before gaining a 1:1 ratio will be compensated by having all their torrents with an active time which equals six days or more, levelled to a 1:1 ratio. This will be realised at a later point this week. Freeleech will continue to stay on until I can verify there are no more problems with the SP system. At that point I will post the date and time as to when the freeleech period will end.

All bug reports may be posted on the forum. Just be sure that none of the reports are explained in the Seed Points Tutorial.