Hello to all of our loyal members, this is just a little update on TwT and the other sites.

As most of you know ScenePalace, Torrential and Dreams were taken down and directed to TwT, if you need a torrent that was on one of those sites just request it.

There has been a change at the registration at TwT. We moved from 3000 to 4000 max to accommodate the users joining and we now stand at 3622. If we hit 4000 quickly we may move it up depending on the demand.

We have had some staff promotions recently and have added some new moderators. Speaking of moderators, if you feel you have what it takes feel free to contact one of the upper staff for a mod position we still have some open slots.

If you are not aware we have still some sites open; our naughty, music and ebook sites. They are still open signup for now but the naughty site will be invite very soon again as we normally like that site to be invite only.

Thank you all for being a part of TwT and please enjoy.