Yes, THC has a new MUSIC category. Thanks to DrZ, now you can upload all those music DVD's, concerts, bootlegs, etc you have neatly stored on your shelves. Every genre is welcomed (not by me, but what can you do, right?).

I'd like to use this opportunity and say that if any of you have any metal festival DVD's please upload it, I'll give you KARMA for it. Oh, and try not to upload stuff like Rihanna/Beyonce/Bieber/JayZ/DjBobo as I'll do everything in my power to get it deleted.

Feel free to ask beforehand if you're unsure whether, for example David Hasselhoff's Krautrock versions of Polka Classics Barechested 3CD compilation, is allowed or not. You can, of course, make requests/offers on the forum, enjoy the new addition.