To make up for the downtime of the SP system, all hit and runs with an active time (a.k.a. 'timespent') of six days or more have been levelled to a 1:1 ratio. In order to get back to our usual way of doing only two more things need to be done. The first is to remove the site-wide freeleech. All freeleech torrent on the website will be set to non-freeleech on Saturday, 3rd of August at 00:00h UTC (Friday on Saturday night). We have a lot of people from all over the world on our website so I'd suggest you Google for a timezone converter to see what time this is in your location.

Second is to re-initiate the Kitty Litter class. This will be activated at the same time the freeleech period ends. New users should read up on our rules and FAQ as to how to avoid getting demoted to Kitty Litter. You've got a full four days to use the SP System if you need to, and even after that the SP System will be there to save your ass.