I really want to say a huge thanks today after I was kinda forced to post a "please donate" thing onsite. We NEVER do that, we're totally not about that, but it happened that we ran short (over a bit actually last month because of our hosting for the poster gallery) normally I'm happy to cover a bit here and there, but it's not been a good few months for me, and I saw yesterday we would be short for the Aug server costs. We added a message asking for help, and we hit it within hours! HOURS!!! Not days or weeks!!!

You people are great!!!

All who donated today got an added bonus of double whatever we do just for being so cool :)

I know many don't realize what it costs to run the site, and honestly it's not that much, we try to keep it that way but to see our members step up so fast, it just reminds me of why THC has been around for so long :)

You all are the best!!!

Looks like a free leech is in order no?