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Groups affiliated seed seed area profile area under a working group. An informal management staffing. Work of outstanding priority will have the opportunity to enter the formal group PT.

PT seed area profile group members work requirements:

Main tasks: editing seeds of seed Introduction, mainly for AUTOSEED released ODAY resources, as well as other seeds incomplete and not standardized profile information.
Requirements: Seeds released within 1 hour, edit their profile information.
Treatment: The workload for the calculation of the standard, hard work, the monthly wage approved by me.

Recruit object requires: CHDBITS PT members, grade cold (Power User) or more. No warning or CHD station site any penalty records. Male or female. For their work or academic learning by comparing idle. With convenient access to the Internet. There are resources on the Internet to find their own profile content. Introduction in English translation ability is preferred.

Online Requirements: 4-6 hours or more per day online. Daily weekday morning, afternoon free time is preferred.

Recruit persons: 3

Recruiting time, that is starting to recruit the number of full members only. Interested parties please contact jimxyz.


种子区简介小组隶属于种子区之下的一个工作小组。属非正式管理人员编制。工作优秀者将有机会优先进入PT各 正式小组。


主要工作:编辑种子区种子内容简介,主要针对AUTOSEED发布的ODAY资源,以及其它种子不完整和不 规范的简介内容。

招收对象要求:CHDBITS PT会员,等级感冒(Power User)以上。没有站内警告或者CHD站点任何处罚记录。男女不限。针对本职工作或者学业学习比较空闲者 。有便利的上网条件。有自己查找互联网上相关资源简介内容的能力。有英语简介翻译能力者优先。



招收时间,即是起,至招收人数满员止。有意者请联系 jimxyz。