This will be a themed game: The first shot in each round must contain a female (Or something with a woman's name).


This game's genre is chooseable by the poster at the beginning of each round and must be posted at or near the time of your first screenshot post. This will count as your 1st clue.


The poster for each round will start by posting 1 screenshot (with the theme supplied if a themed game) and 1 clue. Each following post will have shot and clues increased by one (2nd post=2 pics/clues, 3rd post=3 pics/clues) but at or near the 24 hour point in the round, the poster must have posted at least 1 of these combos.

Guessing Screenshots:

Each screenshot has 3 points going for it. The first point goes to the poster. The rest are up for grabs by anyone who wants to make a guess.

Only one guess in a row per person is allowed. If you make a guess, you cannot post another guess until someone else has posted their guess after yours or after a period of 4 hours (whichever is less). If you do make more than one guess in a row without waiting the requisite 4 hours then only the first one will count and the subsequent ones are fair game for any other person to use as their own guess. If you do this three times you lose a league point.

2 points will be awarded for the first correct answer within 24 hours. The winner must be either quoted by the screenshot poster (or proxy), or indicated clearly by name in a reply by the screenshot poster. Points decrease by 1 after 24 hours, up to 48 hours at which time one of 2 things may happen:

... 1) The poster (or proxy) has 8 hours to post the answer and choose the next poster. The original poster will earn all 3 points.
... 3) If the poster (or proxy) doesn't chime in within 8 hours, the round is forfeit and no points are awarded on either side. Moderator may choose next poster or offer 'first come, first serve'.

Addendum: If a Winner passes his/her turn to post, he/she may not win a second consecutive round. (IE: no one can win 2 rounds in a row)

Posting Screenshots:

If no one has guessed the correct answer within 24 hours, please post a new screenshot from the same show (not necessarily the same episode) plus a textual clue or 'quote'. Extra clues, screenshots and popular 'quotes' are welcome at any time in the game.

The winner is the only person who can post the next screenshot OR they can nominate another member to do so. If the winner passes, the next play is open to the first poster.

If a new screenshot isn't posted within 8 hrs of getting the answer confirmed correct then the player forfeits their go and the game host chooses who is next.

Anyone posting screenshots when it's NOT their go will lose a league point and their post will be discarded.

Please link to the show when it’s been guessed correctly. This means to copy and paste the URL in the winning screen notifying the winner they won and everyone else where they can find the show. We won't be giving it free-leech (in this round at least), but giving it that little bit of extra exposure may help. Also, if a show doesn't already have screenshots on its show page, please post them in the "Improve Show Desccriptions" forum.

When a screenshot is guessed correctly the screenshot poster is awarded the points that remain in the pot. If it’s not guessed within 48 hours the poster gets all 3 points on offer.

To The Winner Go The Spoils:

Points awarded will form a "league table" which will be kept in a post at the beginning of this thread.

The competition ends at the end of the month and if a picture has not been guessed by the end of the contest the poster must announce what show the picture was from and no points will be awarded.


At the end of the month, the top 3 scorers will win the following prizes:

(Note: Staff members are playing for fun so if any Staff are in the top 3, their scores will be eliminated from the prize tier and everyone else's scores will move up the tier)

1st Place: 10GB upload credit
2nd Place: 5GB upload credit
3rd Place: 2GB upload credit

Any other participants with a point on the league table will get a tasty cube of cheese or 1GB upload credit... whichever is available.