Do you want to contribute to the GGn community? Do you want to earn GBs by doing so? And do you want to be awesome?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "Yes", "No", or "Maybe", then sign up to be a blogger for GazelleGames!

What you'll be doing is writing one post a week about gaming news, I'm hoping to get five regular bloggers besides myself, along with extras to fill in when any of the others aren't able. This will hopefully mean that we'll get one post every day of the week. I haven't exactly worked out the amount, but I'm willing to give some GBs for every post you write as incentive. You won't be an official staff member, but you will be given the ability to add and edit blog posts. This is supposed to be a very easy job, taking up maybe 10-20 minutes per week, depending on how fast you can write.

There are no requirements to joining, as long as you are a moderately active member of the community you are free to be a blogger. Please PM me if you're interested in joining the team.