So you are below the limit on your ratio, possibly received a ratio warning and now what do you do? There are many ways to bring your ratio up and keep it there. This site is possibly one of the easiest to manage your ratio if you read the rules and you seed what you snatch. So things you can do are:

*Seed, seed and seed more
*stop any downloads NOW that aren't freeleech
*grab freeleech and seed, seed and seed more
*play the monthly game(s) found in Special Olympics forum
*help improve show pages in the Help Wanted forum
*break up mega torrents in the Help Wanted forum
*upload shows that don't violate the rules and aren't already here
*check requests for shows you can offer and claim a bounty
*check the notification in the top right of the page for any re-seeds needed and seed

The biggest way to fix your ratio trouble is to SEED the shows you take. It may take days, weeks, months but they will move and help your ratio. We are a small niche tracker and ratio is an important tool we use to avoid hit and runners. You can NEVER seed too much. Also check out this guide for more information.

Good luck fixing your ratio troubles if you use any or all of these suggestion you should be fine however if you end up with a ban visit us in IRC (, #tv-vault) to get help; it won't be easy but we'll listen.