So, it's time for our Reseeding Competition but first, let us explain what is currently happening that will affect you! We have turned the HnR system back on but turned off HnR watch. Effectively this means that you can once again see your HnR's and how much time you have left until they are cleared. And, if you don't clear them, you won't be banned! HnR watch will be turned back on at the end of the competition though so that doesn't mean you have a free run. You will have to get rid of those HnR's eventually. On top of this, all of the HnR's from when we were closed have been cleared! We felt it was not fair to let our users deal with HnR's that were due to our closure and as such felt it necessary to make this happen.

And more good news! We have decided to let Freeleech extend for the length of the competition to promote downloading and make your effort to reseed even more worthwhile! In addition, we have sent out a mass email to our userbase to make sure everyone knows that the site has returned. We hope that this means you'll be seeing more familiar faces appearing in the near future. This is not something we do normally but we felt it crucial as only 20% of our userbase has returned so far.

Anyways, on with the competition!

To celebrate the return of your favourite games tracker, we are launching yet another competition! Because of the closure and re-opening, a lot of torrents are dead at the moment, so this will be the focus of this competition.

Objective: Score the most points!
• 3 points for each dead torrent (0 seeders) you reseed that has at least 50 % up time by the end of the competition. If you get over 80 % up time by the end of the competition, you get 5 points instead of 3.
• 1 point for each torrent with less than 5 seeders that you seed that has at least 50 % up time by the end of the competition.

All of the torrents that require reseeding can be found on the unseeded torrents list overview list.

By 50 % up time, we mean 50 % of the time from when you started seeding the torrent to the end of the competition. ie. You start seeding on the 18th day of the competition which leaves 10 days left. You must seed for a full 5 days out of those 10 for it to count.

Note: The torrents you reseed need to be active at the end of the competition for them to count. Obviously, the sooner you get started, the more double points you'll score for your reseeds! This competition will run for 28 days.

1. First Prize: 100 GB Upload, VIP for 2 months, a game from the Large Collection
2. Second Prize: 60 GB Upload, VIP for 1 month, a game from the Medium Collection
3. Third Prize: 25 GB Upload, VIP for 1 month
4. Fourth Prize: 10 GB Upload

BONUS: Right now, only 56 % of our torrents are seeded. We would like that to go over 90 %. That being said, if by the end of the competition 90 % of our torrents are seeded, we will TRIPLE our upload bonus for all prizes (300 GB for 1st prize, 180 GB 2nd, etc). All entrants who manage to reseed at least 10 torrents for at least 8 days total seed time by the end of the competition will receive our love and 3 GB Upload (the triple bonus still applies).