Yeeshh, August is hot, know what else is hot? Cartoons man, cartoons. This month PassThePopcorn is going on vacation, and where better than the bowels of degradation that is the animated/family film industry. Whether it's hidden penises in Disney flicks, or twisted stories of horny tentacled monsters from Japan, there's flat out nothing more messed up than a good ol' cartoon. So strap in, get your self some candy, and lets go on a ride into the imagination of the most twisted people on the planet... animators. This one is for seighton.

All uploads marked with the genre Animation or Family will receive 24 hour freeleech, and they'll all count toward your total on the leaderboard.

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Our friends at Seedmybox love cartoons, so much so that they're going to give a 2010 GOLD SEEDBOX WILL BE AWARDED TO A RANDOM PERSON IN THE TOP 50!!! As well as the usual top prizes! In honor of our legendary legend trza, we will rotate between his old SMB banners for a few months.