Ok all, the Dev team has been hard at work trying to find a way to equal out the bonus points received for seeding. This has been a VERY difficult task to say the least, trying to figure out a way to reward seeding for larger files, longer seeding habits, and more points per seeder, while not penalizing ebook only users too much, not allowing too many bonus points to be given out, and not putting a massive strain on the server.

This might get a bit complicated and I might not have explained it easily for everyone so please bear with me. NOTE: The current system rewards 0.5 points per torrent every hour.

We have come up with the following (please click on the image). Where the Y-axis is seedbonus given per hour, and X-axis is the size of the TORRENT seeding (1 on the graph = 100MB). Now, we have 4 graphs. each representing the amount of seeders. blue = 1 seeder total / green = 5 seeders total / red = 20 seeders total / magenta = 50 seeders total. For example, there is a audiobook that is 800MB (look at 8 on the x-axis of the graph) there is only 1 seeder currently seeding (look at the blue line). Now we can see that person seeding will get around 1.8 points every hour. Lets say we now get 22 more seeders, we move over to the red line and the amount of points become 1.35 per hour.

Now using this method, seeding a single 1GB file as one of 20 seeders will take around 15 days to accumulate enough points for 1GB upload credit. The max amount also caps out at 4.5 points per hour / torrent. I hope I've explained it correctly lol but let us know in the relevant thread on the forum if you have any suggestions and what you all think!

This will unfortunately lower the amount of points ebook only users receive, but we will also be adding a smaller amount of upload credit (around 50MB for about 25 bonus points) to purchase so that the ebook only users, and the new users do not find looking after ratio too difficult (this will of course be available to all users).

As per popular request, we have also lowered the ratio fix to 500 points.