A guilty pleasure as defined by us is a TV show that you wouldn't want your friends to catch you watching. Something similar to porn but without the porn. Examples of such shows are Power Rangers (kids love this show, but if an adult were to be caught watching it you friends might have some jokes to make), Gilmore Girls (a show enjoyed by women, but if you are a guy and enjoy watching this show, would you want your friends knowing?). Type of shows we will not be taking under consideration, Lost, Stargate SG-1, Bobby's World, Under the Dome, I Love Lucy and many others. Be reasonable when uploading episodes. Don't try uploading that latest episode of Whose Line is it Anyway and get the point. If so, the upload will not count. If you have questions about what is considered a Guilty Pleasure TV show then just reply in the thread or join #BTN-Support in IRC and we will help you.