We've made some Hit and Run changes and added new fantastic updates!

HnR System

Warnings will now only be given when 25 or more HnRs have been detected. This means that upon being put on HnR watch, the user will also get the warning symbol next to his/her name for the time they remain on HnR watch. Once a user is removed from HnR watch, their warning will get removed as well. This ensures that no member misses out on Bonus Points despite having cleared all previous HnR's.

Event Tool

After several weeks of coding and testing, we are happy to announce that our Event Tool is ready. This enables us to create site events based on certain parameters and these are as follows:

* Events can be created based upon artist(s) or genre(s)
* Events can affect new torrents only, existing torrents only, or all torrents.
* Upload and Download multipliers can be added to increase or decrease the upload and download amount that is recorded to the site for users.

Development of the event tool is an ongoing project and it will continue to adapt to include more variable options which will be released accordingly.

Upload FL

Now that the staff have this new event tool, there are other opportunities to snatch freeleech torrents. We are now reducing the 12 hour initial freeleech on all torrents to 6 hours.

We at BeatHau5 hope you all enjoy these new introductions to the site. Stay tuned for more updates coming your way very soon.

Remember to seed what you take!