Gold Rippy has been announcing FL Picks for the last 12+ hours. Those of you who decided to Follow The Yellow Brick Road were there while the event took place, but anyone who missed the fun and games can check out the collage for a full list of the picks. We hope you enjoy the Freeleech! We'd also like to remind users that the "simplest" way to financially contribute to the site is by purchasing a Downloadable Product at The What.CD Online Store. Downloadable Products let you set your own price, have few overhead costs (meaning that most of the money you contribute reaches What.CD), and don't require shipping. You can purchase any What.CD Online Store product with PayPal, credit card, or money order. Other donation options can be explored on our Donate Page, or in the most recent announcement. If you opt to use the store, consider the Store Donor Points Guide to ensure that you're credited for your contributions in a timely fashion. Thanks!